Iceland invites you to make your next big adventure a memorable one.


They got you through endless days filled with video calls, and countless nights of binge-watching and takeout. Now Iceland will take your trusty pandemic sweatpants and upcycle them into custom hiking boots suitable for your first big adventure beyond your couch.

  • Sweatpant cuffs will keep your ankles warm and emotionally supported as you explore the north.
  • Trail tread ensures you can handle tougher hikes than the path between your couch and fridge.
  • Water resistant uppers are perfect for finally getting out of the house and up close to waterfalls.
  • Easy-off laces mean you can quickly jump into a geothermal lagoon at a moment’s notice.
  • Sustainably made with guilt-free vegan materials. As friendly to Earth as they are to your feet.
  • Sweatpant boots will not protect you from molten lava. Nothing will. Please adventure safely.

Try on
an adventure

Before you trade in your sweatpants, try on a pair of virtual sweatpant boots and hike through some of Iceland’s most majestic locations, including the Geldingadalur volcano in the Reykjanes and the towering basalt columns of Stuðlagil Canyon. Go whale watching in the North and experience a sustainable tomato farm in the South. The adventure you choose is up to you. 

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During the month of July, we operated a pop-up store in downtown Reykjavik where people could bring their pandemic sweatpants and turn them into boots. While the shop may be closed, Iceland’s wide-open spaces are waiting for your next big adventure.

Give yourself a little break

Being locked-down has had a significant impact on our mental health. For many, lockdown sweatpants have become a symbol of what you have been through and upcycling them into sweatpant boots is an opportunity to regain a sense of authority over your life. The upcycling process symbolises you taking everything you’ve learned and experienced over the past 18 months and developing the agency to hold on to the helpful so you can integrate into your life going forward.

If the idea of a new adventure leaves you feeling a bit anxious, here are some tips to prepare for your adventure:

  • 1. We function best when we are prepared. Physically prepare by taking short walks, extending the length and time as you see fit.
  • 2. Psychologically prepare by using visualisation. Find a safe place, close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Notice what thoughts and feelings come up. Why are those feelings there? Are they trying to protect you from something? Do you feel you need protecting?
  • 3. Make a plan for your adventure. The best way to reduce stress is to take decision making out of the situation. Decide as many things as you can in advance, and don’t worry if things change along the way–that’s what adventure is all about!
  • 4. Give yourself permission to feel all the messy feelings associated with change and transition. They are part of the process. Trust yourself with it.

If you feel that you need mental health support during this transition, it is imperative that you seek professional help.

Zoë Aston MSc Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant.


Inspiration for making your first big post-pandemic adventure a memorable one

HOW TO GET A PAIR (waiting list)

These handmade sweatpant boots are free, but extremely rare and only available to visitors who come to Iceland in July 2021.

Each boot is handmade from your personal sweatpants. Make a reservation and bring your clean sweatpants to our pop-up shop and we’ll create your boots in about a day.

Due to overwhelming desire to finally get out of house and experience Icelandic adventures, all sweatpant boot reservations are currently booked. Check back daily for new reservations to open up or join the waitlist here: